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The Bujagali Hydropower Project consists of 250MW run-of-river hydro power on the Victoria Nile, at Dumbbell Island.

When commissioned on 1st August of 2012, Bujagali became the largest hydropower generation facility in Uganda and nearly doubled Uganda’s peak electricity supply, eliminated daily load-shedding and provided a reliable solution to meet the country’s increasing power demand.

The 250MW plant currently contributes up to 34% of Uganda’s effective energy capacity, setting a unique precedent for Public-Private Partnerships in the region.

The BHPP consists of a facility that houses the 5×50 Mw Kaplan turbines with an associated 28 meters high earth-filled dam and spillway works. These turbines have been generating power at a 99% availability rate since 2012.

All this and much more being made possible by Bujagali Energy Limited.  We are proud to be a part of the Development, Transformation and Prosperity of Uganda and her people.