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Background/ Introduction

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) has existed for the last 30 years contributing to a process of preventing HIV infection, restoring hope and improving quality of life of persons, families and communities affected by HIV infection and disease. TASO receives funding from international and local donors. TASO is committed to realizing a World without HIV

The O&M Energy Uganda Limited (O&M) is a Ugandan company established by Gas Natural FENOSA and contracted by Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL) to operate and maintain the Bujagali Hydroelectric Power Plant. As part of O&M and BEL Corporate Social Responsibility Program, it contributes to improvement of health conditions in the people who live in and around the 9 villages that were affected by the project work. Four of these villages are in Buikwe district and five in Jinja district.

TASO,O&M and BEL corporate partnership held a 3 day comprehensive medical camp at Budondo HC IV grounds   from the 20th /06/2017 to 22nd /06/2017 in Budondo Sub County. The camp offered health education, comprehensive HIV prevention services, well child clinic services, cervical cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, medical examination treatment for children and adults, dental and eye care services.

This medical camp was done together with Budondo health facility in extending these health services to Budondo community.

Key highlights of the activity

  1. The camp was located at Budondo Health Centre IV grounds and the services offered included;
    • Health Education to the general public through Educational talks by counselors and clinicians, questions and answer sessions, songs, dance and Drama skits by the TASO Jinja drama group and expert clients.
    • Well Child Clinic for Immunization (against Polio, measles, Tetanus, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV); deworming; Vitamin A supplementation) Safe male circumcision to eligible men age 10- 49 yrs.
    • Cervical cancer screening for women between 21- >50years
    • Prostate cancer screening for men >40 years of age
    • Family planning methods for women within the reproductive age both short term methods and the long term methods of contraception
    • Sexually Transmitted infection (STI) screening and management
    • HIV counseling and testing (HCT) to the general community
    • Dental care
    • Eye care
    • General medical care where a vast range of disease were diagnosed and treated for both children and adults
  2. Radio announcements and favorite DJ mentions were run at two radio stations i.e. Baba FM and NBS radios for 5 days from 15th /06/2017. This was mainly centered on services to be offered at the camp in a bid to create awareness and demand in the population targeted.
  3. O&M Energy and BEL provided the financial logistics needed for mobilization, transport, drugs and testing kits. The Jinja district Health office availed the premises where the Camp was held and TASO Jinja provided the technical expertise needed to offer the different services at the camp and the overall organization of the Camp. 
  4. There was community involvement throughout the camp through the local Sub-county chief, the in-charge of Budondo HCIV, VHTs, and SMC champions. They participated in mobilization and directing the people for the different service points.

Activity Outputs 

Service  People served  Comment 
Health education  1611 Topics covered include;

•       Well Child Health

•       Personal and home  Hygiene

•       Good Health seeking behavior 

•       Benefits of HIV testing  Sero- status disclosure to partners 

•       Reproductive health (Family planning, STIs,

cervical cancer )

•       Oral care

•       Eye care

General Medical Clinic  1485  All of them received a blood pressure check  Commonest conditions included   upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), peptic ulcer disease (PUD), malaria, peripheral neuropathy and sexually transmitted infections, hypertension
Cervical                cancer


107 10 VIA positive and referred for cryo-therapy at Kakira Hospital; 3 had polyps and 1 uterine prolapse, these werereferred to Jinja regional referral hospital (JRRH) for further management.
Prostate cancer screening 35 I positive and referred to JRRH. Turn up of men was poor and majority were below screening age
Family               planning 


22 5 implanon and Jadelle implants ; 11 Depo-Provera ;

1 removal of implant; 4 managed for side effects, I referred for Bilateral tubal ligation

HIV Testing services (HTS)


617 505 female and 112 male 9 were HIV positive; 7 linked into care at Budondo health center and TASO Jinja care. However 2 did not not pick the results and efforts to track them were futile.
Children and adolescents 582 43 children received BCG, polio, DPTHEB/HIP, PCV and measles vaccinations. Vitamin A and Albendazole for deworming ,  295 children and 287 adolescents treated for various ailments.
Safe male circumcision  89 Volunteers  No adverse event was recorded. All recieved TT vaccination. 2 had a positive HIV test and were linked into care at TASO Jinja.
Dental  care 231 212 necessitated extraction and was done. Conservation therapy was done on 19 clients by applying temporary filling. All received free tooth brushes and tooth paste.
Eye care 237 118 had presbyopia a condition which develops in age over 40 years and usually requires glasses which were provided, 6 were referred to the Jinja regional referral hospital for further examination and 2 for surgery, 111 received treatment the conditions diagnosed.



  • The turn up at the camp surpassed the set target of 600. For a similar camp there is need for more clinician to ensure all who turn up are offered the services they need.
  • The medicines budget should be enhanced to cater for the majority of the clients. Major drugs had run out by the end of the second day. Drugs for non communicable diseases especially hypertension should be increased so as to cater for the various needs of the clients. Neuro moderators like Nat B and vitamin B complex should be included on the list.
  • Eye and dental care services should also be extended to 3 days instead of 2 only.
  • Working within the Health facility setting and with the team of clinicians from the local facilities gave assurance and ownership of the process and this aided the smooth running of the camp.


The Budondo camp was a great success. About 1611 people received the different services at the Camp. Majority were from Budondo Sub County and few came from the neighboring trading centers like Namulesa, Mutai and Kimaka  and districts like Mayuge, Iganga, Kamuli and Luuka among others.

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