$40 cents/KWh replaced with $11 cents/KWh


99% availability since commissioning on August 31st 2012


Thousands of direct and indirect jobs created


Contributed to Uganda's GDP growth of 2.6%


Providing 34% of Uganda's energy need  


Bujagali Energy Limited

Bujagali Energy Limited is a leading power producer, delivering affordable and clean energy in Uganda through the Bujagali Hydro Power Plant located near Lake Victoria, on the Victoria Nile.

The project is Africa’s largest privately financed hydropower project and currently the largest Clean Development Mechanism project registered in a Least Developed Country. The project has catalysed further investment in education, healthcare, social development and other aspects that contribute to quality of life.


CSR Activities

Bujagali Energy Limited cares about your health

Bujagali Energy Limited cares about the health of the people within and around the project…
CSR Activities

Student Apprenticeship Program

With the increasing number of Hydro power plants in Uganda, there’s a potential for demand…
Environmental Sustainability

Bujagali Energy Limited Staff Celebrate the World Environment Day 2023

At Bujagali Energy Limited, Environmental protection is an integral part of the company’s cooperate initiatives.…