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The need to plant trees is at an all-time high across the globe. Corporations, multinationals, and environmentalists are advocating for reforestation as a way of curbing climate change. The Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL) team is committed to ensuring reforestation in Bujagali area. Over 80,600 trees, both indigenous and fruit trees, have been planted since the dam was commissioned in 2012.

BEL commissioned the fruit tree project in the East Bank region in 2008 which greatly flourished. After more than a decade of monitoring and nurturing the fruit trees, community members are now benefiting from this great endeavor.

‘’Fruit trees compliments the feeding program in the community as well as generate a source of income.’’

The success of the initial projects has motivated BEL to continue planting more fruit trees. In 2021, BEL distributed fruit tree seedlings across the various communities. Over 2,350 fruit trees of Annona Muricata, Oranges, guavas, tangerines and Vangueria apiculate, were distributed to over 800 households in 4 villages and 5 schools.

Bujagali Energy Limited training the community members

The company has also been training the community members in the villages through community meetings on the benefits of tree growing and particularly, the benefits of growing fruit trees.