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The demand for science graduates continues to grow with the economy, yet the failure rate amongst science subjects continues unhindered, with worse subject being biology. To persuade and interest students to the science domain, Bujagali Energy Limited established a school mentorship program as a career guidance movement in line with Bujagali Energy project area student scholarship aimed at supporting and encouraging science students achieve qualification in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to match the national labour market demands.

Students enjoy the annual School mentorship program organised by Bujagali Energy Limited that supports project community schools with science reading materials and laboratory equipment.

Before BEL’s interventions, I had limited access to science textbooks that negatively impacted on my scores in Biology, physics, and Chemistry. I am so happy for the improved performances in sciences after receiving science textbooks from Bujagali Energy Limited.

With a rich, school science library, I confidently see my dream of becoming a civil Engineer possible. “Says Namugwanya Rebecca”