bujagali hydropower project


We welcome your comments and questions about the Bujagali Hydropower Project. Please submit them to Office@bel.co.ug or visit our offices at:

Bujagali Energy Limited
P.O. Box 186
8 Kms Kayunga Road
Kikubamutwe, Uganda
Tel +256-434-132532/3
Fax +256-434-132534

Employment Opportunities

The Bujagali Hydropower Project will provide numerous job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. During the estimated 44-month construction period, at peak times, an estimated 1000 - 1,800 people will be employed as laborers, equipment operators, and other positions. Following construction, we will need approximately 30 full-time employees to operate the facility, plus many other outside services.

Bujagali Energy Limited has retained Salini Costruttori S.P.A. (Salini) to construct the hydropower facility. Salini will be responsible for all hiring decisions during the project construction phase. We will work closely with Salini to ensure that preference is given to local residents living near the project. Also, we are establishing an employment training program for local communities. Subcontractors, vendors and suppliers may refer to the Salini website for further information

These new jobs and payroll are expected to stimulate the local economy, leading to the creation of additional employment opportunities for residents.

The recruitment center is located near the project site at Kikubamutwe and information related to the available jobs is communicated at the center.